Fear is a major reason why humans never accomplish their dreams. Fear holds you back. You worry so much about what you perceive but never see and most times these things never happen.

This is worse than being pessimistic or analytical. Pessimistic people are not necessarily afraid to take certain steps; the challenge is that they are just usually reluctant.

Ever wanted to take that job that is 4000 miles away but never did because you were scared that you would not make new friends? Or maybe you have always wanted to pursue a certain career but you are just afraid you will be judged.

What if you had taken this job and were promoted the next couple of years? What if you started this new career or venture instead of chickening out and in the next 3 years you are employing 200 people and fending well enough for yourself and your family.

Truth is, if you don’t face the reality that you live in fear, you will find it difficult overcoming it. 10 years down the line you may find yourself wishing you had done that thing you always wanted to do instead of focusing on your fears and limitations.

Try these things and you will find yourself defeating fear and taking that very bold step:

  1. Accept that you are afraid, if you don’t your mind will never allow you do things to overcome fear. You continue to tell yourself that you are not afraid and that way you stay afraid.
  2. Write out that thing or a list of things you are afraid of and why you are afraid of them. Sometimes writing things down makes you think clearly rather than having them clouded in your thoughts.
  3. Take the important step by doing those things. If you have been scared to call a relative for a long time, pick a time and a date to actually call them. No one will take these steps for you, so if you are serious about not living in fear you have to take action. Words or faith without works is fruitless.
  4. One question you should be asking yourself is if you are afraid or you are just lazy. Sometimes we might have the courage to do things but we just can’t be bothered to do them. If this is your case then you have to make the determination yourself to get to work. Truth is, no matter what you read or hear, if you are not determined or motivated to work you will remain where you are.
  5. Persistence is one of the ways to succeed. If there are a list of things you are scared of doing, after you take the first step in doing them you have to do them again, and again till they become part of you that you never have to worry about starting them.


It will be difficult to be persistent but honestly this is how you will get over your fear. If you chose to follow any fast and easy way [which I don’t think exists], you will find yourself drowning in fear after a short period.

What you want is a long term, permanent solution and this will only come if you take the first step and persevere. Just like the saying ‘practice makes perfect.’